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Christy Stead Before & AfterLose Weight With Get Fit Fast!

Christy dropped 55kgs. — and she's kept it off! Find out how

I have been morbidly obese all my life - the first time I weighed myself at age 11, I was over 100kg. I lived in a fog of self-loathing and felt helpless to do anything to change it.
In June 2011, a close friend offered for me to join her in her one-on-one sessions with Selva - I was petrified and self-conscious at those first sessions, red faced, sweaty and mortified at how my 140kg must have looked to this little dark dude with the bulging muscles! What I found was the opposite - Selva was encouraging and enthusiastic, complimenting me on things I could do well and swiftly moving us on when there was something my fitness (or rolls!) didn't allow. 
From there, I joined Get Fit Fast Bootcamps - again with the red face and sweaty - along with everyone else! Three times a week I love to hate Selva's smashing’s and I can't imagine life without them. I love boxing and the team atmosphere and that you never know what you are going to get when you turn up!

With Selva's help, I have achieved more than I ever thought I could, from not being able to run one lap of a soccer field, to completing a half Marathon. I've also lost 55kg in the process. Selva's positivity, passion, skill and insistence that he could help me change my life have given me such physical and mental strength, I often don't recognise myself.  The thrill I get when other people don't recognise me either is pretty awesome!
I am not finished yet - not by a long shot - but I know that with Selva in my corner, I can achieve anything I want to."

– Christy Stead, February 2013

Justine Verrall Before & After

Before I started training with Selva Thankamani & Get Fit Fast I had difficulties with illness, had a poor vegetarian diet, & was constantly battling colds & low energy levels.  I have always enjoyed running & some gym cardio sessions, but had no confidence to use gym equipment & therefore had no strength and no overall fitness programme.


With huge enthusiasm, skill, in depth knowledge & constant banter & humour, Selva has taught me to handle gym weights confidently, to lift weights, so I built muscle & increased strength for the first time ever.

With his passion for overall lifestyle health & fitness, Selva improved my nutritional knowledge & vegetarian diet. With new strength & wellness, I achieved my summer running goals, achieved my strength goals, have lost weight & gained energy.

Selva addresses your whole lifestyle, & is inclusive of my family, involving & encouraging my kids in his Get Fit Fast team events such as the Devonport Classic run.

Selva is the ultimate wellbeing fitness professional, & an awesome person to have met. He takes no excuses, has high expectations, sets stretch goals, works you hard, "smashes" you, & grins constantly while doing it!

Having recently turned 45 years of age, I am thankful to be in the shape of my life - too fit & too strong!

- Justine Verrall

Talia Bennett

There are many investments you make in life, after working with Selva Thankamani for over three years; I can say this is the most rewarding investments I have made for myself to date.

Selva is not your typical trainer; he is extremely thorough and attentive to your diet and training wants, your lifestyle and most importantly your end goals. He will not settle for second best, Selva has not only strengthened me physically, but mentally pushed me beyond my individual capable limits. It is this mental focus and stimulation that has taught and strengthen my willpower and motivation, I too now will not settle for second best. Selva approaches training like science, everything has a purpose. Selva alternates programs weeks in advance and regularly maintains statistics to observe progression.

I can honestly say if you follow Selva’s advice you will see incredible changes in your body and overall wellbeing.  More importantly, I have been overwhelmed with the diverse training programs and Nutritional Advice Selva has given me for varying goals and targets I have had, training for half marathons through to fat loss, body toning & sculpting for Miss Universe New Zealand. Since training with Selva I have reached my ultimate goal, weight and body fat % that I have never reached before. This was particularly important throughout my preparations for Miss Universe New Zealand, I had specific goals and targets, Selva pushed me through every repetition, every set, every day, week in week out, without Selva’s diversified training and diet knowledge I would not have reached my end goal, nor would I have taken won my title as Miss Swimwear (Miss Universe New Zealand 2011) and more recently Miss Universe New Zealand 2012.  I couldn’t have achieved this without the help, knowledge and motivation from Selva.

A million thank you’s wouldn’t do any justice to how much Selva has helped me and gone out of his way for me as a client, I am extremely grateful. Too Fit. Too Strong”

- Talia Bennett , Miss Universe New Zealand 2012, First Runner up MUNZ 2011, Miss Swimwear MUNZ 2011.

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